What is KOTUS?

On the shores of ancient Koiva, in the forecourt of Estonia, near the Latvian back chamber, between the wonderful pine forests and picturesque domes, a bold and personal life is being lived. Here you are still fascinated by the dewy summer mornings and surprising high waters of rivers and streams. Here everyone can forget themselves on the undiscovered forest trails and dive into the depths of secret forest lakes. We do live scattered, but in reality we are really together. We have an inspiring expanse with a strong shoulder to shoulder feeling, which keeps traditions and creates inventive solutions.

It is a website which introduces news, events, sights, real estate, companies and NGOs of Taheva, Karula and Mõniste areas.

Kotus – in Võru dialect – a place



Living conditions
Kotus region tourism map
The website has been created by the Taheva Parish project “Taheva Parish Values ​​and Opportunities Network (Taheva valla väärtuste ja võimaluste võrgustik)”.

The cooperation network “Kotus” and this website will be further developed by the project of the Taheva Parish Villages Society (NGO) “Development leap of the Taheva, Karula and Mõniste Parish cooperation network Kotus (Taheva, Karula ja Mõniste valla koostöövõrgustiku “Kotus” arenguhüpe)”

The website is managed and developed by the Taheva Parish Village Society (NGO).